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Carbon Vudu L.L.C. is an organization dedicated to architectural design and fabrication. We utilize a systematic approach to conceptualize, develop, and actualize new and innovative products that will help us live better and work smarter.

Carbon is the basic unit for organic molecules, and it comes in second out of six major elements that make up 99% of the human body. All life on earth is based on carbon. Carbon is also the principle alloying element that transforms soft iron into hard and useful steel. As the carbon content rises, the metal becomes harder and stronger. However, it also becomes more brittle and more difficult to weld. Everything in moderation, my friend.

Strong and lightweight, steel is the most important engineering and construction material in the world. Its use influences almost every aspect of our lives through tools, manufacturing, transportation, and architecture. Vudu refers to the manipulation of steel–not only to create built spaces for human use, but to enhance our lives by transforming traditional static architecture to become something that is kinetic, interactive, and responsive to our moods, the seasons, and to changes in our environment.

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