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Designing Fabricated Modules - Pre-engineered and prefabricated modules and products that integrate the most recent and appropriate technologies in structure and mechanics. Items in this category synthesize built forms with the various patterns inherent in today’s lifestyles to create a new model for living that will incorporate operable, mobile elements in response to required functions. Regarding Skid Units, Containers, and Modular construction please inquire for our catalog of floor plans, ideal for energy and mining camps. We provide design/engineering drawings for Canada and the United States. These units can be prefabricated in multiple locations or through our manufacturing company Vomae 7 LLC.



Commissioned Design Work - Custom design applications for a symbiotic relationship within an existing site and each unique context. Initial evaluations focus on reclamation of materials, adaptation, and re-use. We assess programmatic functions for opportunities to integrate and incorporate materials and objects within the overall design.



Experimental Design + Theory - F8, Kinetic Grand Cayon house. Seasteading Design, Stage 5.



Emergency Design Operations - these are designs for rapid systematic design builds in or around disaster zones. There will also be modular prefabricated units made by Vomae 7. v7, is the manufactiring company that will prefabricate these modules.


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